quinta-feira, 7 de março de 2013

Taxi cab

"Somewhere, on the other side of the world, is a person perfect for you. It's almost certain you're never gonna meet but sometimes destiny steps in and gives you a glimpse of what you'll be missing."
A. G. V.

"Coincidence makes sense
Only with you 
You don't have to speak
I feel
Jóga, Björk

You were there already
Somewhere waiting to meet me
Somewhere waiting to say hi
Somewhere waiting to let it be
You were there already
All those smiles I coudn't see
All that existence I didn't know
All those words I couldn't hear
You were there already
Living your years till our hours
Living your life till our dream
Living your stories till we had ours
You were there already
Somewhere on the other side of sea
All those poems I didn't wrote
Living, just living, waiting for it!

Mike Rodrigues

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